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4K WiFi Ultra HD 1080P 16X ZOOM Digital Video Camera - DV Camcorder With Lens and Microphone

4K WiFi Ultra HD 1080P 16X ZOOM Digital Video Camera DV Camcorder with Lens and Microphone

4K WiFi Ultra HD 1080P 16X ZOOM Digital Video Camera - DV Camcorder With Lens and Microphone

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  • 4K ultra-clear video; take 30 million photos
  • 3.0 inch IPS HD touch screen
  • The screen size is 3 inches, the IPS screen is not glare and clear in bright light, and the HD screen display is more delicate
  • Support infrared night shooting
  • When the ambient light is weak or even no light, manually switch the night shooting mode, the IR-CUT function can be turned on, and the image is black and white through infrared sensing imaging
  • Support remote control operation
  • Equipped with remote control, the camera can be controlled in front of the lens, and it can also avoid the sway caused by the camera
  • Support external MIC access
  • External microphone with an external 3.5mm plug can be used to improve the recording effect, such as improving sensitivity, directional radio and wind noise
  • Support WIFI function
  • The camera acts as a wifi hotspot and can be connected using a mobile phone. Camera settings, real-time screen preview, and video playback can be performed on the APP side
  • Support cool and warm fill light
  • Turn on the fill light to make a cool or warm fill light
  • Time-lapse video and time-lapse camera function (other names: time-lapse video and time-lapse photo)
  • Time-lapse photography (Time-lapse photography) is a shooting technique that compresses time. It shoots a set of photos or videos, and later compresses the process in minutes, hours, or even days and years in a short period of time by video. In a time-lapse video, the process of slowly changing an object or scene is compressed to a short period of time, presenting a strange and fascinating sight that is usually undetectable by the naked eye
  • Take time to take pictures, that is, just take pictures. For example, if you set 5 seconds in the system, you will take a photo every 5 seconds, and you will have an SD card in the form of a photo. You can manually select the video of the photosynthesis time-lapse video
  • Support slow-motion video and Motion Detections video
  • Slow-motion video, recording the normal speed picture seen by the naked eye as a slow-moving video
  • Motion Detections recording, when the brightness and content changes in the screen reach a certain amount of change, the camera can be triggered to automatically start recording
  • Support self-timer, continuous shooting function
  • Supporting side-filling
  • When the camera battery is low, you can use the USB port to connect to the 5V power supply to increase the battery life
  • Support HD output
  • Scalable UV mirror, teleconverter, wide-angle lens
  • The above types of lenses can be connected to meet the needs of shooting
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